DIY handmade origami Greeting card – New Year 2016

Hello Buddies ­čÖé

How are you all doing ? This time again I proved to be the laziest blogger ever. Its been very long time last I made a post for you. I know I have been too bad but please go easy and forgive me I have got a new year gift for you- Greeting card tutorial ! (Reason enough ­čÖé ?)

Some of you might remember the bunch of colourful greeting cards I made last year it was the first time I made so many greeting cards. I even posted a video tutorial for it check it out here

Inspired by myself this year around the same time again I made similar bunch of New year greeting cards for all my friends cousins relatives almost everyone ­čÖé And you guessed it right this time also I made colourful cards with origami technique. When you make a whole bunch of them origami is the best technique and comes in handy in making interesting cards.

But this one is little tougher origami than last year yet sorry I couldn’t make a video tutorial for it. Bare with my step by step photographs. I have tried my best. I wanted to make lot of cards and wanted to make them in lesser time. You can even make this as a last minute gift. You hardly need much supplies just a origami colour paper and a tiny cardstock will do. Sounds easy isn’t it. Just follow the origami steps carefully. Shall we move on to the tutorial.New Year Greeting card

Supplies Required:

  • Origami Paper
  • Cardstock (Chart Paper)
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Colour Sketches
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors

My Method :

  1. Take a Square Origami paper of any colour of your choice.
  2. Follow the steps below to get a foldable box kind of a thing.Origami steps
  3. Mine is a very tiny box. But I liked it that way, If you wanted a bigger box take a big squareFinal Step
  4. Cut a tiny satin ribbon to tie around and secure the box from opening (I took red colour paper so I chose white ribbon to match the santa effect ­čÖé )Satin
  5. Once the outer box is ready we are almost done. The difficult part is over
  6. Next step is to prepare a tiny cardstock to fit inside this origami box. This is where we write down the wishesWishes
  7. I wanted to keep it simple so this tiny message card was enough for me. If you are not satisfied you can make a bigger box and a bigger Wish card
  8. You can stick this card inside the box, but I left it inside without sticking instead I stuck a photo behind the card. An old happy memory with the person whom we are giving the greeting cardBunch of them
  9. Thats it ! I added a small choclate inside the box and tied the satin ribbon
  10. My teeny tiny New year gift ready !!New Year Greeting card
  11. How do you like it ? Ready to make a seasonal cards for your loved ones ?

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