Glass Painting Rangoli

Hello Buddies 🙂

This is one colourful and very easy craft for those who love painting and colours 🙂 Rangoli is a must in almost all functions and celebrations in India. Those beautiful colours and designs are the most beautiful decorations. I have tried to do this colourful Rangoli using glass paintings my new try 🙂 If you missed my Glass painting tutorial post check it out here9

These small handy Rangolis can be used in Pooja room floors. A small Diya lamp will be more beautiful on this Glass painting Rangoli. But keep some non conduting material below the diya. OHP sheet might melt on heat. Ok now off to the tutorial.

Supplies required :

  • Glass Paint
  • Glass liner
  • OHP sheet
  • Scissors
  • White chart
  • Glue

My method :

  1. Draw the outline of the Rangoli on the OHP sheet with thin erasable marker. This step can be avoided If you are confident you can directly draw with the glass liner.outline
  2. Now trace the Outline with Black Glass liner on the OHP sheet and you can use 3D Gold glitter to add charm. Include all the small detail designs using the liner.Glass liner outline
  3. Once the tracing with glass liner is completed let it dry for 15 to 20 mins.Completed outline
  4. Now fill the Glass paint colours inside the Rangoli designGlass paint
  5. In glass painting all the colours are bright and beautiful. Selection of colours is purely based on your own choice and creativity 🙂 you can also leave some space blank.Fill colours
  6. After filing all the colours let it dry for atleast half and hour to dry.Completed colours
  7. Now cut the design alone from the OHP sheet. leave a gap of 0.5 cm around the design while cutting it outcutting
  8. Stick this on a white chart with a glue and cut out the chart around the design similarly.
  9. Thats it Rangoli ready 🙂 !Rangoli

Adore your Pooja room with these pretty reusable rangolis. I gifted this to my friend for navrathri. You can also make these and give it as favour gifts in Navrathri Golu functions 🙂 Try different designs of your choice and tell me how you liked it 🙂

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DIY Paint Chip Desk Calendar

Hello Buddies 🙂

Today’s post is a colourful makeover to your old-to-be-thrown-away desk calendar, its one of my favourite recycle craft 🙂 I have pinned this idea long back and wanted to give it a try. Fortunately I got hold of the supplies handy and it  came out really well 🙂 

Its a FUNREWRITABLECOLOURFULDESKCALENDAR. It will make a cheerful addition to your boring desk.

Desk calendar

Right shall we start the tutorial now ?

Supplies Requiredsupplies

  • Paint chip – Samples
  • Old Desk Calendar
  • Glue
  • OHP sheet
  • White board Marker

My Method:

  1. Take a Old desk Calender
  2. Remove all the old sheets
  3. Get a sample paint chip card from your nearest paint shop.paint chip
  4. Have you seen them those sample cards they will have pretty colours painted in small squares in all possible variationschip
  5. Choose any seven colour series from it
  6. In each colour you will need six variations in it
  7. Cut out the six colour squares a total of (6×7) 42 square bits of colours has to be presentArrange chip
  8. Arrange the squares on the desk calendar [ 6 x 7 matrix format ] and stick them allStick the chips
  9. Cut two rectangular pieces of colour chip and stick it above this matrix format that is for writing the month and year.
  10. Write down the days Sunday , Monday etc on the corresponding squares of the first column.Days
  11. Cut out an OHP sheet in the size of the calendar and attach it on top of the squares.
  12. Write down the dates, month and year on the OHP sheet for the present monthdays
  13. You can write the leave days with a different colour markeron your desk
  14. Thats it Calendar ready ! 🙂 Enjoy the colourful makeover of your old calendar 🙂

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Wall Art – Handmade stenciling a try :-)

Hi Friends 🙂

Happy ramzan for all my muslim buddies 🙂

Today’s is an interesting post, and I loved the experience of doing this project. From my childhood I have been interested in drawing and painting. I am not a pro though. But all my drawings and paintings are restricted to paper and charts. I really wanted to draw and paint something of larger size out of the drawing notes and painting books. And fortunately I got such a chance 🙂 I am lucky 🙂Stencil painting

My Cousin-bro-cum-best-buddy wanted to try wall art(stencil painting) in his house. And that’s how I got the chance 🙂 We both have done many projects together this was one of the best fun experience we had 🙂 Always it will be nice to do craft along with a buddy. I am lucky that my best-buddy turned out to be my craft-buddy :). Ok enough of the buddy talk. Lets start with the project and get our hands dirty.

Our basic plan was to make the boring plain walls into something fun. We decided to paint a simple art design on the walls of his house, instead of doing free hand drawing and then painting we tried stenciling. Both of us are new to painting/stenciling on walls so everything we did was trial-and-error method. Wall art

Things we had :

  • Paint colours – Required colours
  • Paint Brushes of variable sizes – Instead of rollers/Spray
  • Handmade stencils – we made them instead of buying 🙂 That’s the nice part of it.


  1. First step is “Clean walls”. Clean the wall to be stenciled and paint a fresh coat of paint as background before starting to stencil.
  2. Decide the designs to be painted and the required stencil designs and sizes.
  3. We chose basic designs like Butterfly, Flowers, Lamp (For Pooja room). There are so many other options you can decide from. Browse the internet and you will get tons of ideas .
  4. Next step is to cut out the stencils on any sturdy paper. Draw the design on the chart whichever base u want to cut the stencils from .cutting stencil
  5. Chart sheets can be used for Temporary-one-time-use stencils.
  6. OHP sheet can be used for permanent-durable-stencils and added advantage is you can look through so that you can place the stencil in proper locations and instead of drawing the designs you can trace them on the OHP sheets .
  7. We used chart sheets because we didn’t have OHP sheets handy and we were not planning to reuse the stencils. Luckily chart sheet also served good 🙂
  8. There is one more option to make these stencils “Old X – Ray sheets” – these will be even more sturdier and the best part is its “RECYCLED”( I always have an affinity towards recycled crafts or any recycled usage of things generally 🙂 ).
  9. Once the stencils are ready, Place them on the wall and start painting.Stencils
  10. You can take help of your craft buddy 😉 or someone in your house to hold the stencil.
  11. If you have painters tape well and good you can place the stencils with proper alignment and stick it with painters tape on the wall and start painting.
  12. Ours was a random design so we didn’t mind much about the alignment part.painting
  13. You can paint using spray painting or roller or a simple brush – like we did.
  14. You will have to be very careful while doing stencil painting with a brush we should not allow the paint to bleed below the stencil.(Read the below Dos and Don’ts section for more tips).Pink flower stencils
  15. Stenciling is better done with dry brush so don’t take excess paint on your brush.
  16. Dip only half of your brush in the paint then remove the excess paint on newspaper.
  17. Start painting when your brush is almost dry. Slowly dab the paint and increase the colour layer by layer by repeated dabbing.
  18. If suppose your paint bled behind the stencil, don’t forget to wipe it with wet cloth before reusing it.
  19. And when the lines are very thin or if the design is smaller which can’t be cut precisely in stencil can be painted directly.
  20. We did this free hand painting for antennas of the butterfly and for some touch ups at the edges of the design.touch up and outline
  21. We used small painting brushes to do the final touch ups ( that was my water-colour painting brush 🙂 )
  22. That is all we did and our home-made stencil design/wall art is ready 🙂
  23. Now enjoy our designer wall 🙂


    Butterfly design on the wall


Divas on the Pooja room walls

wall artbutterfly wallMore than the actual method most important is the Dos and Don’ts. I will list down those which we learned through our experience.dons

Dos and Don’ts :

  • Don’t make stencils for very small parts directly paint them with small brush
  • Give repeated coats to avoid improper coverage
  • Always hold the brush perpendicular to wall to avoid bleeding beneath the stencil

  • Clean the back side of stencils before reusing it
  • Wipe off bled paint quickly using wet cloth

  • Use sharp blades and cut crisp corners in stencils to avoid bleeding of paint
  • While painting using stencils first fill the outlines using a small brush to form a frame  then fill the inner parts

  • Brush should barely have paint, it must be almost dry when u paint
  • Squeeze excess paint into the container. Dab the brush in newspapers to remove excess paint

  • Dip only half of the brush into the paint
  • Try practicing stenciling before hand on cardboard, get the technique then move on to your wall

If you like this post do post your comments and suggestions. I want you also to try this at your home and share with me your experiences. I bet you this will be real fun 🙂

No more boring plain walls 🙂 And you don’t have to spend so much money. Don’t be afraid If anything went wrong ofcourse we can always repaint all together. So its time for you also to dip your hands in the paint and enjoy the fun experience 🙂

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