Jingle Bell earring JOTW #13

Hello Buddies ­čÖé

Last week I made a paint chip earring but couldn’t post it yesterday. This is one I specially made for christmas. Red and green combination is always beautiful Isn’t it ­čÖé Check out how to make these Jingle Bell christmas earrings.JOTW13

Supplies Required :

  • Red Paint Chip
  • Two Green beads
  • Bell pins
  • Ear hooks
  • Pliers and wire cutterpaint chip

My Method :

  1. Cut out two pieces of red paint chip in the shape of bells.Jingle bell
  2. Actually I had a paint chip card where the chips were already in bell shape ­čÖé So I used them up.
  3. Stick this on OHP sheet.
  4. Connect the ear hook on top of the bell shape.
  5. Add a green bead on the bottom.
  6. Thats it ! Pretty Jingle bell earring ready ! ­čÖéjotw13

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