Old CD Wall Clock

Hello Buddies 🙂

I am back again with another recycle craft. This time I recycled an Old CD lying around my house and our recent charm paint chip :). If you missed it I have posted about my paint chip calendar here last week check it out.

Lets jump into the tutorial of my DIY-Recycled-Clock

Supplies Requiredclock supplies

  • Old CD
  • small clock machine
  • Paint Chips
  • Punching machine
  • Acrylic Paint (I used Black)
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
  • Procircle

My Method

  1. Paint the CD with any colour you wish. I chose to paint it black
  2. Punch small circles from the paint chips. You can decide on what all colours you need.punch paint chips
  3. I chose 12 different colours and made 2 punches on each colour so I got a total of 24 small colour circles.
  4. Mark the hours on the CD, this can done using a pro-circle or protractor.
  5. Divide the 360 degree by 12 so you get 30 degree gap between each hour.
  6. Mark the spots and stick 2 punches of each colour as shown in the picturemark hour
  7. Now fix the clock machine behind the CDFix clock
  8. I used cellophane tape to fix the machine on the CD and a small thermocol piece to balance the clockBack side
  9. Tada ! colourful clock ready 🙂 Isn’t it easy to make ? You might have almost all the supplies at your home.CD clock
  10. To make the Clock hands brighter I stuck two pieces of paint chip on the clock hands. This step is optionalClock hand
  11. Do try this simple recycle craft and tell me how you liked it 🙂

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Recycled Pen holder

Hello buddies 🙂

I am back again with yet another simple recycle craft. In this post I will show you how I turned a Take-away-plastic-cup into a pretty Pen holder. It will take hardly ten mins to make this pen holder.Pen holdersPen holders

Supplies you will need:supplies

  • Waste Plastic Cup
  • Burlap/Jute Thread
  • Old driver CD (smaller ones you ll get along with pen drives)
  • Glue

My Method:

  1. Take any plastic container/ take away cup.
  2. Take a piece of Jute thread apply glue on the outer side of the cupsteps
  3. Start spinning jute thread around the cup, stick it tightly to form a jute layer on the cup.
  4. After you completely cover the sides of the cup, attach the small CD below the cup.
  5. This is for sturdiness. Since the base of the cup is very small it might fall down often that is why I added this CD to keep the holder upright.
  6. Then I used bits of woolen thread to make a small flower embellishment on the Front of the cup.add yarn flower
  7. Thats it Pretty pen holder ready !! 🙂Jute pen holder
  8. I like the colour and rustic look of  the jute thread. It may not be very pretty at close up though, if you don’t like it you can also do the same thing with normal woolen thread.
  9. But remember you have to spin it very closely.
  10. I did this pen holder with woolen thread as well 🙂 This looks even more neat 🙂woolen thread
  11. For the woolen thread holder I used quilling flowers as embellishment (Didin’t I promise you I will use quilling somewhere in my projects).
  12. Check out my quilling tutorial post here to know how to make these quilling flowers.
  13. You can even use these Pen holders as flower vases 🙂vase

These are pretty, washable, zero cost, will take hardly 5 to 10 mins to make them, what more excuses do you want to make these 😉 Try making these pretty pen holders and tell me how you liked it 🙂Rustic Pen holder

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CD Wall hanging

The best part of my craft projects are I always tend to reuse waste materials. In today’s project we will use old CD. I have got a lot of old useless CDs lying around in my house. So I planned to use one of them in my project. This one is a very simple project but then it is a little messy and needs a lot of patience.cdwallhanging

 Things you will need:

  •     Old CD
  •     Acrylic paint (colour of your choice – Preferred colour Black)
  •     Paint brush
  •     Cleaned Egg shells
  •     Tooth Pick/needle
  •     ModPodge/Fevicol
  •     Small piece of Satin Ribbon
  •     Embellishment/Small photograph
  •     And a lottt of Patience 🙂things


  1. Take an old CD which is no more used and Paint it completely with Black acrylic paint. Let it dry
  2. Next step is to crush the cleaned egg shells (no don’t powder it). Break it to smaller flakes (No need of hammering your fingers will do)
  3. Prepare the Modpodge. Mix 1 part fevicol with 2 parts water and dilute it.
  4. Now comes the difficult part start applying diluted glue on the painted cd and arrange the egg flakes on by one randomly till you get the mosaic effect.
  5. Use the tooth pick/needle to move around the egg shells. Slowly repeat the process until you cover the whole surface on one side of the CD.
  6. Let it dry. After its dry apply one more coat of glue on top of the egg shells to seal it .This can also be done with Varnish to make it water proof.
  7. Now add any embellishment or small picture at the centre of the CD to hide the hole at the center.
  8. Add a ribbon behind the CD with glue for hanging purpose.
  9. That’s it we are done 🙂  Got a cool Wall hanger!

This is simple project So Do try this and fancy yourself with a cool Wall hanger 🙂