DIY Quilled Monogram

Happy New Year Buddies ­čÖé ­čÖé Have a wonderful year ahead !

One of my cousins was going abroad for higher studies. He wanted to meet us all before he left so I planned to make him some personal gift that he can take along and keep with him and thus the idea stuck me to make a monogram frame and wanted to share it with you guys. Anyone will like their gift associated with something related to them either their photo or their name so I chose to use his Initials to make a monogram gift which he might like. So this is how I made the monogram gift

R monogram

Supplies Required :

  • Plain cardstock
  • Quilling paper
  • Quilling Needle
  • Water Colour paint (Orange)
  • 3D Liners (Black , Silver Glitter)
  • Pencil
  • Craft Glue


My Method:

  1. A neat and rough sketch of the monogram should be drawn on the card stock initially
  2. I painted the main monogram with orange water colour paint and left the other decorations to be done with quilling paper and rhine stonesMonogram drawing
  3. So the first step is to paint the monogram
  4. A 3D black outline for the monogram was my next step It highlighted the orange colour well. Let it dry for next 15 mins
  5. By the time it is getting dried let us make ready of the quilled pieces
  6. My design was simple It had a small flower and a few leaves with a string running around the monogramsteps
  7. So lets start making the leaves, a total of six leaves were made with green colour quilling paper
  8. These leaves has to pinched and twitched in different directions as per the design
  9. Next comes the flower same as the leaves the petals were made from red colour quilling paper
  10. Once all the parts were done stick them on the cardstock as per the designIMG_20150807_094518_1
  11. And decorate it with the rhine stones and add some sparkle to it
  12. I also added silver glitter on the orange water colour to make it shineIMG_20150807_093927_1
  13. Almost done let it dry and sit and adore your work ­čÖé
  14. Frame it and wrap it as a beautiful gift !IMG_20150808_095111_1

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