DIY Recycled Soda Can Butterfly Wind Chime

Hello Buddies,

Once again I am back with a wonderful recycle craft 🙂 and I love it. Its so simple all of you will be tempted to try it. Almost all those things required will be lying around at your house. This recycled material I am going to use is something all of us might have used and thrown out. Its a soda can. Haven’t we ? Yes I am going to show you how I made a beautiful and simple Butterfly wind chime using waste soda cans.Butterfly wind chime

Supplies You will need :

  • Soda Can
  • Hanger
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • White thread/Fish line
  • Lead boxes (optional)
  • Sound makers

My Method:

  1. Take a soda can and cut out the top and bottom parts
  2. You will get a plain aluminium sheet
  3. Draw the butterfly design directly on the aluminium sheet or another easy way
  4. Draw the butterfly design on a paper and cut it out .steps
  5. Stick the design on  the aluminium sheet and cut out the butterflies.Cut seven butterflies
  6. Punch small holes on bottom and top sides of the butterflies and connect the lead boxes using a white thread on the bottom
  7. These lead boxes are for adding little weight to each thread
  8. Connect loose white threads on the top hole of the butterfly. Its for hanging the butterflieshanging
  9. Now lets make the circular hanger for hanging the butterflies
  10. Take an old wire hanger and bend it in the shape as show in the picturehanger
  11. Take another can and cut of the top and slice the side walls like petals of equal size
  12. Now folding part you have to fold each petal and insert it underneath the next petal
  13. Before starting the folds place the hanger and fold over it so that the flower shape holds around the hangersteps
  14. Once all the folds are completed the hanger will be readyTop hanger
  15. Connect all the six butterflies at equal distance around the hangerhanging
  16. I had the sound makers of my old wind mobile so I connected it in the middle and a butterfly under that as well.sound maker
  17. Pretty Recycled Butterfly mobile ready
  18. Find a perfect spot and hang it 🙂windchime

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Rainfall Mobile

Hello Buddies 🙂

Apologies for the long-time-no-projects in the blog. Its been ages last I posted my project. Anyway will try to catch up 🙂

Today I will show you how i made a pretty paper mobile (No I am not talking about the cell phone !)Rainfall mobile

Yup I made this mobile for my nephew. He is fond of small things hanging around. So I thought of making one colourful mobile for him :). You could do this with any kind of colour paper/cardstock. Since I had some colourful junk mail papers i utilized them to make this.

Supplies Required:

  • Cardstock (colours of choice)
  • White Thread
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Acrylic paint
  • Small piece of Cottonthings


As usual i reused some supplies. I got a pretty coloured pamphlet and used it instead of colour paper. Mostly i decide to do a craft or the idea strikes my mind when the trash in my cupboard gets overloaded or if I see any prospective material which can be recycled 🙂 This project also has similar history. I saw these pamphlets and got this idea 🙂

This mobile is Rainfall themed so what all do we have to make ? Clouds, Raindrops, and of course an Umbrella 🙂

  1. First step is to make cloud. Cut out two cardstocks in the shape of clouds  (preferable white coloured). This I have cut out from cereal boxescloud
  2. Then cut one slit in the middle of the cloud till u reach the centre. This slit should be made on both the cloud patterns one should have the slit on top another should have the slit on the bottom. (huh! I am complication better follow picture.)
  3. Actually to say simply make cuts in the two clouds such that they sit on top of each other perpendicularly. And all our rain drops will hang below these clouds. (Able to imagine ? 🙂 )
  4. Stick white paper on both sides of the cloud (This step can be skipped if your cloud is already white in colour.) The cloud can be left in white or else it can be painted like I have done with cotton and blue paint.
  5. Next step is to make rain drops. We will need 4 drop shaped pieces of cardstock to make one drop to give a 3D kind of effect.drops
  6. Fold each piece in half and attach to the adjacent pieces u can even use more than 4 pieces to get the 3D effect.
  7. Once u made enough drops hang them randomly below the cloud with thin white thread or fish lines
  8. I also added small gingles under the drops so they can make little sound whenever wind blows 🙂
  9. Oops ! I totally forgot the umbrella. that’s my favourite part in this mobile.
  10. The Umbrella is also made in similar manner as the raindrops, cut atleast 6 semicircular pieces and attach them in the same way we did for rain drops.
  11. Umbrella can be of any colour of your choice.
  12. Add a handle for the umbrella, this i did with a lolly pop stick.
  13. Now connect this umbrella below the rain drops with the thread.rainfall mobile

Thats it Mobile is ready 🙂 Find a perfect spot and hang it off !