DIY Handmade Greeting card New Year 2017

Hello Buddies 🙂

How are you guys doing ? Its time for making our customary new year greeting cards 🙂 Since 2015 I have been making new year greeting cards for my friends and cousins since there are more friends and relatives I have got to make a bunch of greeting cards every year.  This is the third consecutive year I am going to make them. Check out my last years cards 2015 2016

I have some criteria for making them. It has to be simple, colourful, interesting and charming 🙂 Everyone love the beautiful cards I make. Since I like to combine origami and card making I made one more origami oriented New year greeting card. I came across one interesting and simple origami piece in Pinterest and decided to use that for making this years New year card.

greeting card

Shall we start making them ?

Supplies Required:

  • Origami Paper
  • Cardstock (Chart Paper)
  • Colour Sketches
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • Rhine stones

My Method :

  1. Take a square piece of origami paper
  2. Cut into 4 small squares
  3. Take one small square and fold it into half follow the steps below  till no.10 then repeat the same steps with the other three pieces as well and finish the flower shapesteps
  4. The main origami and charm part is ready and we are almost done.
  5. Next we have to take a small cardstock and fold it into two like a regular greeting card
  6. Stick this origami piece on top of this card stock
  7. Paste a small rhine stone(kundan stone) in the center and flower becomes even more charming 🙂
  8. Open the card write your wishes inside sign it and send it across to your friends and enjoy ! 🙂
  9. Check out my last years greeting cards 2015 2016

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Happy Crafting