Quilling Greeting card – DIY

I always love to make handmade gifts to my friends or relatives. And the most among them were handmade greeting cards because they are easy to make takes lesser time and more importantly there is more possibility of the other person keeping it safe for longer period. I feel more happy when people keep my gifts safe 🙂 Kind of childish still it means a lot to me. Ok ok I know I am dwelling too much on it I will move to the tutorialquilled card

I made a quilled greeting card for my sisters Anniversary and that’s todays topic 🙂

Supplies Required:

  • Card Stock (I used old Invitation card)
  • Quilling Paper
  • Quilling Needle
  • Craft Glue
  • Scissors

My Method :

  1. I was in a plan to make a simple quilling card for my friend-cum-sister for her anniversary
  2. I didn’t knew what design to choose fortunately I had a old Wedding Invitation handy It had a embossed design on it I liked the design and kept it safe for making something like thissteps
  3. I used the embossed design and traced it with the quilling paper and decorated it with my imaginations
  4. Most of the lines were traced with single paper and for flowers I used the loose whirl and twitched them as neededQuilled greeting card
  5. I didn’t follow any proper method or step I just went along with the design and crafted it
  6. That’s it a beautiful gift ready and a keep sake for my sisterAnniversary card

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Happy Crafting