Jewelry Of The Week – JOTW#24

Hello Buddies 🙂 Sunday post is published today due to technical problems One more cute earring ready for this weeks Jewelry of the week. Its a famous combination pink and blue. I used quilling papers and pearl beads and lesser jewelry making tools.


Supplies required:

  • Quilling paper(5mm)
  • Ear hooks
  • Jump rings
  • White half pearls (tiny rhine stone size)
  • Small white pearls
  • Nose Plier

Method :

  1. Take a half length(10cm) blue paper and similarly roll it as a tight circle
  2. Take a  pink quilling paper and roll it over a thick pen like marker. You will get a ring shape.Remove it from the pen
  3. I pressed it slightly on one side it turned into a tea drop shape
  4. Stick the blue circle in bottom of the pink tea drop (on the other side of the pinched edge).JOTW24
  5. Stick the small half pearl at the centre of the blue circle
  6. Insert a jump ring on the pinched edge of the pink tea drop. Also add an ear hook in the Jump ring.
  7. Close the Jump ring and Earring is almost ready
  8. Add a hanging small white pearl to the jump ring inside the tea drop shape
  9. Apply varnish on the earring with a small paint brush. This is to make your earring resistant to water.jotw24
  10. Thats it pretty paper jewelry ready 🙂
  11. Make your own jewelry and adore yourself 🙂jotw25Do you like these stuff ? Then Follow my blog to see more of these . You can find the follow button on the right side top corner of the page, take a moment to confirm subscription by checking the confirmation e-mail in your subscribed mail-ID. Also if you are in Facebook be kind to like my page here and support me