DIY- Recycled coconut shell planter

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How are you people doing ? Finally I got time to make a DIY project and write post of it. As always this time also I have done a recycle project. This will be of interest to people who has a green thumb and interested in gardening. I don’t have any mud floor in my house so all I can do is only pot planting.

Hanging Planter

I almost use all the scrap as planters broken mugs buckets pet bottles so many things has been transformed as planters in my tiny roof garden. Adding to the list Last week I made a tiny hanging planter for my succulents with coconut shell.Lets see how I made it

Supplies Required :

  • Coconut shell
  • Old Bangle.
  • Burlap Thread
  • Dirt
  • Tiny pebbles
  • Succulent plants

My Method :

  1. Tie three thread to the Bangle as shown in the picture.Bangle and thread
  2. This forms the base for the hanging coconut shell
  3. Clean the coconut shell
  4. Put the pebbles on it and fill it with dirtShell and pebbles
  5. Now plant your succulents or any tiny plant on itDirt and plant
  6. Place the shell over the bangle
  7. Connect all three threads together and hang it on a perfect spot
    Connect threads together
  8. You can even colour the shells, add tiny beads to the thread and add jingles to the bottom of the shell so that you will get sound when it moves in wind.
  9. There are so many other options.Hanging coconut planter
  10. I didn’t have time and I liked it plain so no decorations for my planter.
  11. It looks pretty the way it is !
  12. Thats it pretty recycled planter ready !Hanging Planter

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