How to make coconut leaf star

Hello buddies 🙂

Today I am feeling very excited 🙂 Because I have made my first video tutorial ! Yup I am going to show you a video tutorial to make a star out of coconut leaf.Star

Its Christmas season and everyone is busy making christmas gifts,ornaments and stars. So I made this simple natural-green-leaf star out of coconut leaves. It is simple to make and will take hardly five minutes. You can make these and hang them as ornaments, tie more of them as buntings. There are so many ways you can make use of these stars. Happy decorating 🙂Star

Thanks to my brother who patiently helped me out for the video.


You can even paint these and add decorations to them 🙂 Make a few of these pass around as gifts to everyone 🙂 Try these out and tell me how you liked it

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7 thoughts on “How to make coconut leaf star

  1. it drove me crazy!! your video in making the palm star is so fast and your fingers covered all the beginning step you do on it. I love if you make another one with a dark background that will enhance the color of the palm. and in slow version… thank you and hope to see another clear version of it… cheers…

  2. To be honest, you’re not a very good teacher. After making the knot, what exactly are you supposed to do, because your fingers hid that crucial step. It’s pointless to continue if we didn’t understand it. It’s too dang confusing. If you really want a person to learn, redo the video and go slooooower, please. Thanks

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