Old CD Wall Clock

Hello Buddies ­čÖé

I am back again with another recycle craft. This time I recycled an Old CD lying around my house and our recent charm paint chip :). If you missed it I have posted about my paint chip calendar here last week check it out.

Lets jump into the tutorial of my DIY-Recycled-Clock

Supplies Requiredclock supplies

  • Old CD
  • small clock machine
  • Paint Chips
  • Punching machine
  • Acrylic Paint (I used Black)
  • Paint Brush
  • Glue
  • Procircle

My Method

  1. Paint the CD with any colour you wish. I chose to paint it black
  2. Punch small circles from the paint chips. You can decide on what all colours you need.punch paint chips
  3. I chose 12 different colours and made 2 punches on each colour so I got a total of 24 small colour circles.
  4. Mark the hours on the CD, this can done using a pro-circle or protractor.
  5. Divide the 360 degree by 12 so you get 30 degree gap between each hour.
  6. Mark the spots and stick 2 punches of each colour as shown in the picturemark hour
  7. Now fix the clock machine behind the CDFix clock
  8. I used cellophane tape to fix the machine on the CD and a small thermocol piece to balance the clockBack side
  9. Tada ! colourful clock ready ­čÖé Isn’t it easy to make ? You might have almost all the supplies at your home.CD clock
  10. To make the Clock hands brighter I stuck two pieces of paint chip on the clock hands. This step is optionalClock hand
  11. Do try this simple recycle craft and tell me how you liked it ­čÖé

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    • I didnt use anything I have just glued the clock machine behind the cd and fixed the clock hands after inserting the clock through the center hole

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